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Lukaku uncovers the mystery behind his splendid form

Lukaku uncovers the mystery behind his splendid form

Romelu Lukaku professes to have reached ‘another level’ at Inter Milan because of another and painstakingly oversaw diet.

The previous Manchester United striker is getting a charge out of the most noteworthy spell of his vocation.

He has broken Ronaldo Nazario’s record for taking minimal measure of games to score 50 goals for the club, and has since added 24 objectives in just 33 appearances this season across all rivalries.

Lukaku is additionally Cristiano Ronaldo’s nearest challenger in the Capocannoniere race and has been tipped to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

So how could he do it? Turns out a basic eating regimen change got the job done.

“I love carbohydrates and I love potatoes, sweet potatoes and black rice, but I don’t eat a lot of pasta,” Lukaku told Inter nutritionist Matteo Pincella on Instagram.

“I’ve always been an explosive player with muscles but Italy took me to another level. I have never felt so strong. I have reached another level, physically and mentally.

“I consume a lot of carbohydrates after games. Most of the time I eat two packs of gnocchi, it depends on what the chef has prepared. They go into circulation quickly and they help me a lot.

“I don’t change my way of eating much, for how we play we must have a very strong physique, we run a lot: since I have followed this lifestyle I feel better on the pitch, I feel more reactive and faster.”

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