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Lunin to keep his place in Real Madrid’s goal despite Kepa’s arrival

Lunin to keep his place in Real Madrid’s goal despite Kepa’s arrival

Andriy Lunin will start for Real Madrid even with Kepa available for selection.

Carlo Ancelotti will continue to keep Lunin in the starting lineup, the Ukrainian started Madrid’s opening game of the La Liga season and kept a clean sheet in their 2-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao.

Thibaut Courtois is set to miss the majority of the season with an ACL injury, which he suffered in training.

Kepa signed for Real Madrid after Courtois ACL injury

The Real Madrid boss will keep his faith in Lunin as he did well against Bilbao and will decide between Kepa and Lunin afterwards.

“Kepa is adapting very well, the first week of work has shown what we already know – a lot of quality and a lot of personality.”

“Tomorrow we will continue with Lunin who did well in Bilbao and in the next games, we’ll see.”

Carlo also agreed with City manager’s comments on the schedule of the season adding the hectic schedule will lead to injuries to players.

“They try to improve the quality of the show by putting on more matches – to improve the quality you have to remove the quantity,” Ancelotti said.

“They want to put in more quantity to earn more money. They have to remove quantity to improve quality.

“The most affected are the players who suffer more injuries and cannot show the level of quality they have.”