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Mikel Arteta’s use of Gabriel Martinelli has caught Jack Wilshere off guard

Mikel Arteta's use of Gabriel Martinelli has caught Jack Wilshere off guard

Last season, Jack Wilshere was surprised by Gabriel Martinelli’s lack of action under Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

Martinelli struggled to get his big break last season, despite a promising debut season. After recovering from a knee injury, the forward only made seven Premier League starts. He also had to make do with a spot on the bench in crucial games, such as all of the Europa League knockout games.

“I was surprised at times when Arsenal needed a goal, they needed something and he wasn’t thrown on,” Wilshere told Highbury Squad.

“He is that type of player who can do that. He arrives in the box.

“He always seems to be in the right place, at the right time. You cannot teach them things.”

Martinelli is currently in Japan with the Brazilian football team for the 2020 Olympics, where he hopes to play against the Ivory Coast on Sunday in Group D.

After that, the 20-year-old will return to Arsenal for the 2021/22 season, where he hopes to defeat Arteta.

“I believe he will only get better with experience of playing in big games,” Wilshere, an ex-Gunners midfielder, added.

“I do think he is a player who will thrive off having the fans back. I remember the game at Chelsea when he scored that goal. He just got better and better as the game went on and the fans got behind him.

“I am excited to see more of him.”