Video: 50+ Players Humiliated by Phil Foden

50+ Players Humiliated by Phil Foden.

“I’m a United fan but this guy is undoubtedly incredible”

“what i like from this boy is, he’s not easy to give up to reach the ball when he fall 🔥”

“Phil will become one of the greatest footballers, he has some Ballon D’ors waiting for him. As an Englishman it’s great to see a grass roots player grow into a world class player. Exciting times for young English talent.”

“The fact that “normal” players would fall to the floor the first chance they get and Foden doesn’t, speaks a lot about him”

“His dribbling is simple, but effective”

“Closest thing us english will ever have to messi 😂 not comparing them but this kid is pure class ngl”

“Criminally underrated player. He should be starting for England. Easily one of the best Footballers I’ve seen in recent years.”