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Video: Karim Benzema – When Football Becomes Art

Video: Karim Benzema - When Football Becomes Art

Karim Benzema – When Football Becomes Art.

“A player who has been performing at a world-class level for over a decade. Monster!”

“My man Karim is finally getting the love and appreciation he deserves .”

“And to think that the most technical number 9 of the decade was called “bad” by many people. Karim is pure class, technique, ability, intelligence to understand what goes on in the game.”

“Karim Benzema is football purists’ dream forward. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of football appreciates Karim Benzema. As simple as that.”

“His ability to keep the ball in tight spaces is seriously unmatched.”

“Close control✓
Efficiency in tight spaces✓
First Touch✓
Short passing✓
That’s a pure technical player right there”

“Perez wasn’t joking when he said Benzema is a mix of Zidane and Ronaldo Nazario, now we know”

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