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Video: Don’t Forget The Brilliance of Pedri González

Video: Don't Forget The Brilliance of Pedri González

Don’t Forget The Brilliance of Pedri González.

“Pedri plays like a veteran, he always knows when to increase the speed of play or slow it down. Goals and assists deceive a lot of people.”

“Never forget! He’s a gem! His turns are something special.”

“No team in Europe has gems like Barca do”

“I can’t wait for the return of Pedri, he miss to Barça like Ansu Fati. We need of them in the game for this second part of the season”

“Imagine pedri with the dribbling of Gavi, and imagine Gavi with the passing and control of pedri. They both can learn from eachother and become beasts”

“The Maturity in this guy make him different from other youngsters No doubt that all are extra ordinary talent But he is above all of them .”

“Call me crazy but pedri is the best barca player after messi is gone. No doubt we have many talents but pedri is just another level the way he plays the maturity,composure,dribbling on tight spaces,the insane passing skills that wouldn’t ashame the best passers in the world. He’s a world class playmaker at 19 and it would be scary seeing how will he play on his prime while being more complete in goals,stronger,bigger physically”