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Video: Real Madrid CRAZY LAST Minute Goals

Video: Real Madrid CRAZY LAST Minute Goals

Real Madrid CRAZY LAST Minute Goals.

“I would never forget that day at mestalla when courtois came up for the header and ,got the shot and benzema buried the chance ,I was screaming.”

“When you think you’ve beaten Real Madrid, think again , this team fights till the very end.”

“Real and producing entertaining matches you can’t name a better duo.”

“Comeback is Real (Madrid) , the power of last minutes.”

“That Ramos header in the dying minutes of UCL Final… Man, one of the greatest finals of the Champions League.”

“I would never forget that look on mr ancelotti face when ramos scored the equaliser in the final.”

“Never say die!! Love my club!!! Vamos!! Hala Madrid y nada más!!
Get chills whenever i see 92:48.i was blessed with being able to be there!! Lisboa was epic,the night legendary.. Sergio is our forever capitán.”

“Isn’t it crazy that we love this team more than anything else, such passion, such love, all for these boys! We will never be able to thank these men for what they have given us! One club, HALA MADRID!”

“The commentators went absolutely crazy in that last highlight. (the remontada that won us the 10th UCL with Ancelotti)”

“This is why I will always enjoy and love Real Madrid. No matter the odds, you know sometihng exciting can happen at any minute. That and the fact they always play sublime football. Even during rough times they have players that are just a joy to simply watch, like modric.”