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Video: Real Madrid Legendary UCL Goals

Video: Real Madrid Legendary UCL Goals

Real Madrid Legendary UCL Goals.

“I miss the days when players were just so inspired in UCL games, we were UNSTOPPABLE.”

“Man Navas was something else. Very underrated goalkeeper!!!”

“Every time I see CR7 in our highlights, I have an indescribable mix feeling. Can’t stop thinking about what could’ve been and would’ve been.”

“Carvajal and cr7 was an underrated duo. He assisted in his greatest UCL goal.”

“Imagine Ronaldo And Zidane staying in Real Madrid and us winning 5 UCLs in a row like we did in the 50s. It would have been unbelievable feat.”

“It is what it is but Real Madrid from 2014 to 2018 was just unstoppable”

“Ronaldo is on all of this games!!!!! Legend in a legendary team!!!!”