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Video: The Power Of Erling Haaland

Video: The Power Of Erling Haaland

The Power Of Erling Haaland

“I get chills watching him power-through defenders outclassing them with pace, absolute freak of nature.”

“He would have been an insane MMA fighter. Crazy explosiveness, speed and coordination for a guy his height and reach.”

“The way he neither flakes nor gives up and fights for the ball, what a great example of sportsmanship.”

“When you have the strength speed and great finishing in one player.”

“He has the potential to be the greatest striker of all time.”

“Imagine him and Zlatan as strikers in one team, two fkin tanks crushing everyone 😂”

“Strenght, sheer power and pace. And he doesn’t overthink or takes a second thought onto goal like most strikers do. Simply a beast.”