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Video: The Xavi Ball – 2022

Video: The Xavi Ball - 2022

The Xavi Ball – 2022.

“Xavi gives freedom and support to his players.
Last year once mingueza went to attack, Koeman lost his anger and sub out him…!”

“17 players out and xavi still managed to win an away game shows his mentality and improvement with the squad. koeman would’v never dreamt of even challenging at this condition we have the right coach to lead us. xavi is also learning lot and making those changes each game. He has clearly came here for the club and not for himself its so evident. im sure we’ll finish top4 he is really saving us from shame.”

“Yeah Pedri Gavi is amazing, but men this dude Able need to extend contract as well”

“In short, Xavi uses 4-3-3. First, striker plays as a deeping line playmaker. Wingers have to be very wide and always beat the opponent effectively. Midfields except DFM get into the box when Winger are ready to cross. Full-backs play as invert fullback and do not have to go forward much. The rest depends on players’ creativity and ability which Xavi always want to see when the players play skillfully and joyfully.”

“Barcelona recruited star players with the transfer fee they received after selling Neymar, but in my personal opinion, it was not a very good recruitment except for Frenkie de Jong. Dembele is also a good resource, but his chronic glass body, his unprofessional appearance from Dortmund, and the way he always kicked the ball roughly in the final stage (I still remember the shooting scene where he was able to score four points in the first leg of the Liverpool and Champions semifinals.)Considering this, we should think again about players in positions that need reinforcement now rather than recruiting star players, promising players in la masia , and some players who receive ridiculous weekly salaries compared to their current form. In reality, we were a strong team, but now we are the opposite. I think the situation has come to this day due to poor club management since Bartomeu was chairman.
From now on, I hope to run a good club to solve the financial difficulties and return to a strong club.Pedry and De Jong performed well last season when they were overworked. Now, I hope they play good soccer with promising players. I hope to show a strong team for a long time as a young squad with outstanding prospects and players under coach Xavi’s system.”