Video: Vinicius Jr. Best Player in The World Right Now? πŸ”₯ WATCH THIS!!!

Vinicius Jr. is the Best Player in The World Right Now.

“He plays without fear, and he’s only getting better every week”

“Talented player, Hard worker, play for the badge not for money, if he can keep the pace sure he’s gonna be the best in the world”

“Vinicius Junior is πŸ’₯ goals , assists , skills everything he is the man right now πŸ™Œ !!”

“Vini and Benzema are a delight to watch, we’re so lucky to have them”

“There is no doubt the best player from the past 4 months is vini Jr. What a phase!”

“The best player in the world is either Lewandowski or Vini Jr. Vini Jr is in a great form atm”

“According to CIES Football Obervatory he is the Most Valuable Player in the World.”