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Video: When Rodrygo Shocked The World

Video: When Rodrygo Shocked The World

When Rodrygo Shocked The World.

“This guy is so promise, but not only skillful, Rodrygo have a mind calm and focused, plays like he’s been at Real Madrid for years, i hope this guy have a great future😁🇧🇷”

“Esse Rodrigo joga muito uma da s melhores revelação depois de Neymar no Santos e justamente o Rodrigo foi revelado no Santos ele e o Vinícius merecem ter mais oportunidades no real Madrid”

“O futuro do Brasil!”

“Brazil have such good upcoming talents Rodrigo Vinicius jr and Eder milato they all play for Real Madrid too”

“Rodrygo’s the real wonderkid💪💪”

“He only needs game time he is one of the future players”