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Hargreaves explains why Chelsea’s best option up front is a misfiring Werner

Hargreaves explains why Chelsea's best option up front is a misfiring Werner

Timo Werner deserves a lot more credit than he gets, according to Owen Hargreaves, who emphasizes the player’s importance to Chelsea’s style of play.

Werner, who scored 34 goals in 45 appearances for RB Leipzig last season, cost Chelsea upwards of €50 million.

The German striker, on the other hand, has struggled to match those figures in his first season at Stamford Bridge. He has appeared 50 times this season but has only scored 12 goals.

As a result, fans and critics alike have panned the striker, but an ex-Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Manchester City midfielder believes his criticism is unjustified.

“Everyone knows [Olivier] Giroud is a better finisher, but would Chelsea have reached the FA Cup and Champions League finals if Giroud had started every game? “Probably not,” Hargreaves said over the Metro.

“Werner gives you so much other stuff in terms of his pressing and Thomas Tuchel is huge on that in terms of pressing and winning the ball back.

“He runs the channels, he can play off the left, he can play down the middle and he’s more versatile.”

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