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Toto Wolff’s Admission While Comparing Mercedes With Aston Martin

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Toto Wolff's Admission While Comparing Mercedes With Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s 2023 car has taken a lot of people by surprise. There are already indications that they may be quicker than Mercedes in some situations. According to Racer, Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff has made a few confessions.

While comparing Mercedes and Aston Martin, Toto Wolff made an admission.

Wolff began by acknowledging that their present package may be uncompetitive.

“I don’t believe this package will ever be viable. We gave it our all over the winter, and now we need to regroup.”

“I’m confident that we can win races this season, but we need to focus on the medium and long run.”

He then discussed Aston Martin’s success.

“They gained two seconds in half a year, and their car is half ours, down to the engine, gearbox, and rear suspension, and they use the same wind tunnel.”

He concluded by congratulating Aston Martin on a work well done.

“There are many similarities, and we must recognize that they have done an excellent job.”